How to become a motorcyclist – UK motorbike licence process explained


bikerIf you are confused about UK motorbike licence categories and how to become a motorcyclist then look no further. This article will give you a quick and easy explanation to how you get your full licence.

The whole process starts from you getting a Driving licence it can be either Provisional or Full and if you have one then you will be at least 16.

If you do not have a UK driving licence but EU one you can go for one of the options (see the diagram below).

Having the initial paperwork you can proceed to the CBT. Compulsory Basic Training s a key to getting a Motorcycle Licence. It takes just one day and will enable you to ride a motorbike right away with some restrictions. It all depends on your age here and if you are at least 17 then you will be able to ride a 125 bike.  Yes you will need to have an L-plate. Yes you will not be allowed to go onto motorways nor ride with a pillion… but you will be a biker! If that does not satisfy you and you want to go on bigger bikes you can continue your process by taking the Theory test (valid for 2 years). After that it all depends on your age. You can take A1 practical test (if over 17) that will allow you to take off those L-plates but not much more.  If you are 19 or more you can take A2 Test that will let you ride bikes up to 46.6 bhp. If you are 24 then you can go for the Full licence Test on a big bike to ride unrestricted.

But you can ride a big bike before you are 24… if you go for A2 first… then after 2 years of riding you are allowed to take Full license practical test and get on the big bike.

My personal opinion is that the best routes are to get CBT and ride for 2 years and get your road experience. Then when 2 years ends to go either A2 or full license if you are impatient.

Obviously if you are 24 or over nothing stops you to go for a DAS (Direct Access Course) and get CBT and Full license done in one go.

The choice is yours. The process is visualized below. Hope that will help you.

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