Riding motorbike in snow is not a good idea… but sometimes you get surprised…

I ride in London all year round. It hardly ever snows here. And the road temperature /gritting  usually does not usually get low enough to form ice.

However sometimes mother nature pulls out a joker and plays a hard (snow)ball….

Sometimes it can get icy or snow heavily and on those days I leave my bike at home. The problem is sometimes this happens when I’m already there or on my way… then getting home becomes a challenge.

I had couple occasions where I did end up riding in snow and it is scary.  I would strongly suggest stopping and picking up the bike when weather improves…  anyway have a look at my voyages where I was stupid enough to keep on going:

Sometimes you need to take a break as the bad weather continues… but after a week or two you will be really excited to get back on 🙂 :

Ride Safe (and Avoid snow/ice!)