If those stats are true I may switch to GoPro Hero 4…

gopro-hero-4I was reading some rumours about the planned release of the GoPro Hero 4…. Apparently it is supposed to be

  • 4K @ 30 frames per second,
  • 1080p @ 120fps!!
  • and 720p @ 240fps!!!!


apparently it is thanks to the new chip: SoC Ambarella A9 (dual A9 ARM Core ? CortexTM-A9 processor 1GHz with FPU accelerator) – whatever it is it must be made by Santa’s Elves as it has some MAGIC!

On top of that Hero 4 is supposed to have a 13-megapixel photosensor with a completely new lens for better low light capabilities! NICE! Winter is coming as they say in Winterfell so riding in the dark will be back into fashion…

I was never a fan of GoPro but this is stunning and is supposed to be released in October…  I will seriously consider getting one 🙂


Hardest test for the Drift Ghost-S camera – ToughMudder

unnamedTaking your ?330 worth camera to a race including obstacles, mud,  jumping into water and electric shocks seems like a bad idea… but if you want to get good footage… you do not really have a choice 🙂 I was worried about my Drift but decided that I’ll give it a go. Obviously the waterproof cover is a MUST! Then there is a problem of storage and Continue reading Hardest test for the Drift Ghost-S camera – ToughMudder

when Drift Ghost-S corrupts the files… – try this recovery tool

Recently my Drift played a prank on me and corrupted the recording… I realised only when I got to my destination… The camera was frozen and green light/screen on… I guess it froze during creation of the new file (over 4GB files are stored separately)… anyway… I lost all footage from the next files but there was still hope for the first one… Continue reading when Drift Ghost-S corrupts the files… – try this recovery tool

Riding motorbike in snow is not a good idea… but sometimes you get surprised…

I ride in London all year round. It hardly ever snows here. And the road temperature /gritting  usually does not usually get low enough to form ice.

However sometimes mother nature pulls out a joker and plays a hard (snow)ball….

Sometimes it can get icy or snow heavily and on those days I leave my bike at home. The problem is sometimes this happens when I’m already there or on my way… then getting home becomes a challenge.

I had couple occasions where I did end up riding in snow and it is scary.  I would strongly suggest stopping and picking up the bike when weather improves…  anyway have a look at my voyages where I was stupid enough to keep on going:

Sometimes you need to take a break as the bad weather continues… but after a week or two you will be really excited to get back on 🙂 :

Ride Safe (and Avoid snow/ice!)

Milk anyone? Some people are stupid enough to throw milk containers into traffic…

OK. that was one of those WTF moments. I have to admit I almost forgot about this video but it is amusing. I have no idea who thrown that milk container and why… but he must have been a complete knob. It seems he/she throws the milk from the street below the bridge… the bottle flies in the air and lands in the middle of the road just next to a passing motorcyclist. With just a bit different timing /angle and this could have been a tragedy. How mindless and stupid some people are?