how I become a rider… Part 1 – Reasons

cg125“become” is not a mistake of a Polish guy writing in English šŸ˜‰ I said I become not became as I do not feel that the process is complete. There is always something new to learn. There is so much to motorcycling… so many things I have not tried, so many things I can improve and so many things to improveĀ šŸ™‚ It is actually exciting ;)… Continue reading how I become a rider… Part 1 – Reasons

Snow – your enemy when riding and a nice thing for Christmas

Snow_on_the_mountains_of_Southern_CaliforniaIt is that time of the year when we take some time off, gather with the family and dream about white Christmas… White – means that there is a substantial amount of snow available for your disposal to ski, make snowman, start snowball fights and createĀ angels in the snow… All of that is great and all but if you were planning a ride on your bike – that white fluff on the road will not make you very happy… I cannot imagine why someone would go biking when the snow is on the roads unless they have some sort of a tire mod in place… Continue reading Snow – your enemy when riding and a nice thing for Christmas

Afterthoughts on Biker vs Bus and the rest of the world vid

londonstandoffSo… I posted the video of an unusual and surreal situation recently… I have never seen so many people engaged in the road rage… The video has many comments butĀ it seems that almost all of them focus on technicalities or legalities of who was doing what… I want to bring another aspect to the table… Continue reading Afterthoughts on Biker vs Bus and the rest of the world vid

GoPro Hero 4 promo video

I have just seen the GoPro 4 Promo video… it looks EFing impressive! Have a look yourselves:


Make sure you turn on max resolution (although it messed up my PC and had to go 1 lower – maybe I need a 4k screen to fully appreciate it šŸ™‚

Anyway. I believe GoPro has started a new chapter in video capture and proved they are still the leader. Hope other manufacturers have a good response šŸ™‚ Let the race begin!

Why I’m not interested in SENA Prism action camera


Someone posted a link Ā on FB to a camera I have not heard about before. It is called SENA Prism and makes a lot of fuss about it’s bluetooth capability…

It is an interesting idea… to be able to record sound wirelessly and additionally to record other rider’s voice – this could be useful for multi-riders vlogs. However if you ride on your own most of the time a standard mic port is not really a problemĀ that needs to be solved… I have ridden in crazy rains with Contour+ and Drift Ghost-S and the mic port never was an issue.

Other functionality it offers is a remote control (bluetooth) although it is unknown exactly what will be possible to do with that remote. I’d imagine start stop and mode change will be available. If that is all then that is not a great selling point. My ghost-s does it too and I do not even use the remote, not that useful.

One more is voice commands. Even though it is an interesting idea I cannot imagine why would I need to use this functionality.

CameraĀ records in 1080@30 and 720@30/60. No wow factor here… Claimed battery life is 2h. I do not know if this is with active connections to record voice and use the remote. I imagine not.

cassette_recorderI really dislike the looks of this camera… it looks more like something designed in 80’s than in 2014… I have an idea where the designer took his inspiration from…
I like the multi-user voice recording capability that seems to be all…

To summarise… The camera provides many functions that you do not really need,Ā it does not offer any great video stats,Ā  the video quality is unknown until people start testing it and it looks like a cassette recorder that you attached to your helmet… I do not know how much they want to charge for this camera but if it is above ?120 then I would be looking for other solutions (I’d prefer to try ROAM3 rather than this one). Ā If you get one – let me know. I really wonder if I was right.

Link to their website.