Why I do not break their mirrors

As a motorcyclist I get my life played with all the time. Someone else mistake may send me to hospital or morgue. What for a car driver is a slight fender bender for a motorcyclist is often a life-changing experience. mirror

When a close call happens a motorcyclist is much more likely to get upset then a car driver. And rightly so. When one risks just a bit of bodywork the other is in a life-death scenario. Motorcyclist is full of adrenaline and potentially angry at a person that put them in that position.

Doing something irresponsible is one thing. But some drivers will not admit their fault. They will try to blame the biker and try to intimidate/abuse them. I had those situations and it is very hard to stop yourself from taking revenge against them.

But why to even try? They deserve it. They should be taught a lesson. They are the bad guys!… yes, that may be true. Unfortunately that situation is over. Everything afterwards is up to you. In the eyes of law if you go after a car and take their mirror off/ break window etc. – you become the bad guy. They are still guilty of bad driving, they still might have been abusive and be assholes, but how you choose to react is up to you.

If you take their mirror you are no longer a victim. You no longer are a better person. You may get prosecuted, you may get a criminal record. De-mirroring a car will count as criminal damage if happens after the incident. Apart from legal consequences the driver now has a story to tell. A story of angry bikers that go around damaging “our  cars” for “no reason at all”. This will not help us at all.

What I prefer to do is to stay calm as much as possible and do not get physical. My revenge is attached to my helmet. I document their behavior. I record the incident and what happened next. There is no more “poor driver” story. There is only my story. And that story goes to the Police…. it also goes to youtube. That story is no longer between me and that driver – it is watched by thousands of people who will have no choice but agree that the biker was the better person. They will respect us more. They will watch out for us more. And they will not want to be the next youtube bad driver.

Leave the mirrors, take the evidence.