Installing short levers on my Honda CBF500

I got an idea to install the shorties on my bike  a while ago.   I thought that will be just a question of ordering them of ebay and a quick install… and it would be the case only if I could get my hands on something that fits my CBF500 2009 ABS version… I spent some time searching and found that my model is unusual enough to be ignored by manufacturers of cheap ebay alu leavers… I even contacted couple of the sellers asking about it…  they said NOT COMPATIBLE…

this did not look good… Decided to bite the bullet and ordered TITAN branded ones for 100 quid… (ouch) funny enough even then I have found that it will take 6 weeks to produce… WHAT?! I got pissed off and cancelled the transaction.

But now what? Will I need to just accept my fate and give up? 🙂 Nope… I remembered someone on a CB500 forum mentioned that CBF500s with certain type of brakes will accept 98-06 Hornet levers… The magic word was “NISSIN” … I checked the brand of my brakes (look at the caliper  on your front wheel) and BINGO! Seemed like I was lucky. I decided to risk it. It was 29,90 and in a worst case I’d sell it on…  I ordered “Honda CB599 600 HORNET 98-04 05 06 Billet CNC Race Short Brake Clutch Levers” off e-bay and hoped for the best.

Package came… I was a bit nervous… but in less then 15 min new leavers where on my bike! no problems at all!

Hope that this post will help someone who looks for this info like I was 🙂




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