Hardest test for the Drift Ghost-S camera – ToughMudder

unnamedTaking your ?330 worth camera to a race including obstacles, mud,  jumping into water and electric shocks seems like a bad idea… but if you want to get good footage… you do not really have a choice 🙂 I was worried about my Drift but decided that I’ll give it a go. Obviously the waterproof cover is a MUST! Then there is a problem of storage and batteries… Let’s face it… if you want to capture it all (or most of it) in 1080/60 then you need a big storage card. I recommend buying 64GB card as I did. I filled it in about 50% during the race (although I was not recording everything). The batteries- you will need to change them at least once (unless you are conservative with what you record). I took spare batteries wrapped in plastic foil in a small bum-bag. Just be careful not to let water inside when you swap batteries.

30-018-00_01_1Of course there is a question of how to mount your camera… I decided to go with the head-strap. I was a bit worried it will not be good but it was decent and felt secure. Just remember to hold on to the strap during the jump into water! IT WILL COME OFF! there are actually warnings all over the jump platform (not that I noticed… good the guy said it over the megaphone before I stepped off… ;))

This is what I recorded 🙂 ENJOY: