when Drift Ghost-S corrupts the files… – try this recovery tool

Recently my Drift played a prank on me and corrupted the recording… I realised only when I got to my destination… The camera was frozen and green light/screen on… I guess it froze during creation of the new file (over 4GB files are stored separately)… anyway… I lost all footage from the next files but there was still hope for the first one… I had some good stuff on it so was not going to just remove it. I shut down the camera (when it locks you need to do this by removing the battery). Then I turned it on. Camera asked if I want to recover the movie. I chose Yes and it “recovered successfully”, only it did not play neither in the camera nor on my computer… DAMN!

I decided to use one app I have tried in the past. Previously it has not helped so I had low expectations. The program can be downloaded here.  It allows you to recover 50% of your movie for free – unless you want to pay for the full version. For me it was ok as the stuff I wanted to recover was at the beginning. Not to bore you with details – it worked. Still I think it didn’t synch the sound and movie properly but that is easy enough to fix at editing stage. HAPPY DAYS!