cyclist vs biker

My analysis:

first of all what I’m about to write is just my opinion so do not try to quote me in court 😉

What did biker do “wrong”:
ASL: some (the cyclists) can argue that he was “in the ASL” (Advanced stop line/cyclist box), although he was not really, he was next to it. I think this is a grey area and unless someone provides me with some evidence I think it should not be taken under consideration. Biker simply filtered to the beginning of the traffic and as the car was stopped in the ASL the safest thing for the biker was to stop just a bit ahead of the car.

Mirror check: Well this is where experience comes in. I kind of expect this sort of thing to happen (a cyclist or a motorcyclist to come from behind as you move away). That is why I look into my mirrors and sometimes even turn head to check the blind-spot as I start to move off. I do not know if the motorcyclist was not experienced or just was a little bit in his thoughts that he moved off without looking. No matter what the motorcyclist did a good job in the end by avoiding the accident.

What did cyclist do “wrong”:
According to the “Great ASL Rules” when the light is red cyclists can enter the ASL only via the feeder lane… but at the same time cyclists are allowed to filter so it is a funny one… anyway – stupid ALS rules aside – it is a common sense that you should be very careful when filtering. You should try to predict that the lights may change and if they change immediately try to get a safe spot. Racing the leading vehicle (especially a motorcycle) is not a good idea. Motorcycles are a bit different here as they accelerate quickly but cyclists will have no way of using this method to get to safety.If the vehicle you are racing fails to see you you are asking for trouble. Also there are some nutjobs out there who will actually try to prevent you from getting into the lane… So, the swerving in front of the motorcycle was a stupid thing to do.


I think in this case the cyclist is in the wrong. Yes the motorcyclist could have predicted this happening but in the end it is the cyclist who caused this dangerous situation.

Why have I blurred the registration?
Because no matter what I say there will be people blaming the motorcyclist and I do not believe he did anything malicious. Besides the cyclist has no plates sit would be unfair to have one party exposed more than the other.

Cyclist had cameras
That is an interesting thing. Normally I would be like “yo, that is cool” but this time I had mixed feelings. The camera does not make you right.

The annoying gesture
The gesture the cyclist used was not nice. I believe this sort of thing is disrespectful. I guess he was indicating he “takes the lane” or moves into the middle or whatever but he could have just extended his arm like other cyclists do. If he was a nice bloke he would even make some space for another 2-wheeler to pass. anyway…