Contour Roam 3 – innovation or re-heated serving?

contour roam3
contour ROAM3

Contour ROAM 3 is apparently on sale… I am a big fan of Contour. I used ROAM2 and Contour+.  And although  I had problems with ROAM2 (It refused to work with almost every SD card I had) the format of contour cameras and the convenience of use is not comparable to others.  When I found out that Contour is back in action (for a while it looked like it was out of the market) I was very excited. I waited for the new product that could still the thunder from DRIFT, GoPro and other companies that take part in this race. When I saw the ROAM3 announcement I could not wait to find out what it does… And it turns out that it does not seem to offer much… YES – it is more waterproof then before… up to 10m without the case… but for my use (helmet camera) it does not matter at all… what I care about is the image quality and there seems to be no improvement… when Go-pro comes out with 4k@30 and 1080@120 the 1080@30 seems like a very poor offer… I just hope they fixed the issues with SD cards compatibility otherwise the ROAM3 has not much future… I really hope the best for contour and hope their +3 will be a much better announcement than ROAM… I still hope they can come back to the market but they need products that can compete with the leaders.