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Does Reevu Helmet work?

After 2 weeks of riding with the Reevu helmet I reach a conclusion:


The Helmet works. It Takes couple days to get used to and from then IMG_20140709_214022it just gets better.  You need to understand it’s capabilities and limitations to fully appreciate it. It is a useful tool to increase your road safety. Do not treat it as a replacement for mirrors or lifesavers! If you can afford it and looking for a helmet in that price range – get one as it is worth it.

CBF500 overheating… cooling system fail


How it all started

Some time ago my bike started to overheat badly. I realized just in time to prevent engine damage. After further investigation I have found out that the fan stopped working.  I decided to take the bike to the garage. Mechanic established fan is not broken and there is coolant in the system.   Continue reading CBF500 overheating… cooling system fail

Time to start

I have to be honest – It is the first time I use WordPress… Hope this was not a mistake and I’ll enjoy the experience. At the moment there is no content, the theme is barely customized and I have no clear view on what I will be posting but hopefully all planets will align and this site will not be a waste of my time 😉

Sincerely yours