HOW I BECOME A RIDER? PART 8 ? Froggie – the first bike I named

Loosing your bike is sad. ¬†Stolen, written off… no matter what the story is it is not a good feeling. But there is a medicine for that pain. And that is getting a new bike! You can start shopping around, comparing them, analyzing differences… dreaming… ūüėČ


And then you make a decision or just see an ad that gets your attention… so you call… you arrange the viewing… and then you cannot leave without it… LOL. That is pretty much how I met Froggie… my first bike that I named…

Why froggie?

The origin of the name is pretty obvious… the green color has triggered some comments from friends and family who¬†started calling it “Ňľaba”… that means “frog” in polish. Soon enough it became the “froggie” and it stuck. My bike was named.


Funny enough that was a first bike I named

For some reason my previous bikes did not get any names. I have not felt they need them. They were just a mean of transport… a way to get around.. a thing… Not this one though…. I do not know if it was because of something changing in me or was it that sexy Ninja that cause this difference in the approach… But I think that milestone¬†is a significant one in a bikers life.


I wonder if it was same with you

Have you noticed that at some point that you need to name your new bike while you have not done it for first one(s)? Or was that what you did from the beginning? Or maybe you never named your bike and you think it is silly? ūüėČ Please let me know as I am curious.

IMG-20121218-00116I felt like my new Ninja had a soul

It cost me more. It was less comfortable. It was more difficult to service. It was easier to damage… but it looked great, It went nice, it screamed like a pissed of puma and it cut through traffic nicely. Have I mentioned it looked great? ūüėČ

It still wasn’t a big bike

But I didn’t care. For the city like London you do not need much more then that. You will still leave all the cyclists, cars and 125s¬†behind. ¬†Occasionally you will be overtaken by a 600cc but who cares! There are speed limits, speed cameras and crazy traffic so top speed and acceleration is not the main priority. And many of those big bikes were stuck in traffic when I could plow through on my 250R ūüėÄ


I rode that bike for about 1.5 years

We went through rain, crazy winds, snow and anything mother nature can do in London. I even went down on it in Snow (no damage as snow was thick) and was pushed over by that old guy that should not be driving anymore. See vid.But I took care of Froggie and we never stopped riding

until a stupid woman killed Froggie at night

Apologies my female readers. I do not mean to stereotype. But if there is a stereotype bad woman driver – she met my bike…¬†I was asleep when it happened. Suddenly there was a big bang and I woke up… Half asleep I heard an alarm… then I realized it was Froggie calling for help…

I got some jeans on and grabbed my maglite

Maglite is a 3 D-cell battery flashlight. Mine has a powerful LED in it so can be used to blind a thief and then the other side to be used to smash his face in… I run outside prepared to kill… and there is a scene…


Froggie on the ground and a car stuck between it and a metal gate

There is a gate that closes the road and earlier that night my bike was parked 2-3¬†meters in front of it with the back wheel to the curb. How did that car get there? I remember thinking. The car was reversing… I noticed that my bike was closer to the gate and further from the kerb then I left it. The driver was half on the pavement and left wheels on the road. She was reversing… very poorly… and I was worried she will drive over my bike.

I got there and tried to establish what happened

I was told that it was just a small push. Light contact and the bike just fell over. How did you get behind it then? – I asked. There was no good answer… I spent some time trying to figure out what happened and in the end got the story of “mixing the pedals” etc… anyway… I got her details…

What I’m sure that what actually¬†happened…

…was that she was parked in front of me on a pavement and later on wanted to get out… it is a bit down hill there.. and she is a terrible driver… I can believe she mixed those pedals…. ¬†She gained speed instantly and going down swiped my bike into the street. She stopped on the gate and that was the initial bang that woke me up…

It was painful to see the damage

the bike was under cover so initially I thought maybe nothing major happened… then I saw that the chain that was n the front wheel has damaged the front fender (wheel turned with the chain on it). Then I noticed that my side panel was damaged… also on the bottom there was a panel crack… And my exhaust… my brand new exhaust that I fitted just weeks before was all scratched…That did not look good at all… I was furious. I was shaking. Half from adrenaline half from cold as it was middle of winter and I was in my t-shirt outside for good 20 min… in the end as I said… I got her details…

Next day I looked at the damage closely

It looked like my handlebar was bent too… the list of damaged was growing… I called the insurance. I knew the drill – replacement bike, waiting and… I hoped I will get the bike back… I should have removed that brand new Scottoiler I also just fitted… as I never saw Froggie after they took it away… Yes I got the money… actually more than I paid for it. But it was not OK… Froggie was dead and I was sad…

In the next episode I will tell you about getting the big boy I call Evil.