HOW I BECOME A RIDER? PART 7 ? After the accident

kasaCrashing your bike is no fun as you can imagine. But it sucks even more if the driver drives away… Thankfully I had my camera and I had a  witness…

When I got home I reviewed the footage

You could clearly see the crash but in terms of registration it was not that great… I could not read the plates… at least not while watching video normally. I started reviewing the footage frame by frame. If you ever done that you know that it can be tricky. In one frame it looks like you have some letters and in another they change… But I was patient and I did some photo enhancement magic to see it better – I got some of the letters/numbers and called my Insurance.

Call to insurance was… interesting

They asked me the usual questions. They asked what happened and when I said the driver hasn’t stopped they seemed not impressed. It looked like a difficult case and they wanted to get rid of me. I started to get pissed off. So I told them that even though I do not have the driver details – I do have a video. Still the woman on the other side of the line seemed not really interested but told me that if I send it through she will have a look.

It was quite a change when I got a call back

The video plus still frames I pulled out seemed to make the case easy for them. The Insurance woman seemed much more positive and friendly then the first time. She told me she will run a cross check on the partial reg vs the make, model and the colour of the car. I waited for a call back… It took her about 30 min but she got back to me and told me that she got a match! 🙂 She right away proposed a hire bike and a helmet… to be delivered within next couple of days… LOL… quite a change huh?;) Yep, I was on the right path on getting back on the road.

Talking about getting on the road… I needed to recover the bike

I had a recovery van agreed to meet me at the accident scene. When I got there on agreed time the van guy was already there. So was my bike… the only problem was that there was a ticket attached to it. And it was not one ticket… IT WAS TWO! I open them up… and what I see? – each PCN for ?120! That is ?240 within 24h! One ticket was written half an hour after I left on the scene of the accident and the second in the morning… I was pissed off… We got the bike loaded and taken to my place.


So I sit there… messed up bike and ?240 penalty…

Of course I can pay the penalty early…. to get generous 50% discount… [empty laugh]… Only I do not want to pay a penny. I know I do not deserve it, I did not park my bike on a pavement just for my own convenience. So… I did what anyone should do but not many attempt… I challenged the bloody tickets! I wrote a nice reply giving all the reasons why I felt it was NOT OK to give a ticket to a person who was in the accident…  to cut story short – I won and I got both stupid tickets cancelled 🙂

pnc cancelled

Only what about the bike?

It took a bit of time. I was riding a hire bike for a week or two while my bike was taken away for assessment. The hire bike was a CBF250 too – just silver – not as good looking as mine ;). Unfortunately I was told that it will be uneconomical to fix my bike. If I had a garage I would probably buy the bike back but it was unpractical so I left it with them. In the end I got a payout for the bike plus I signed a waiver for possible injuries claims (more cash). It is a positive story in the end as I was able to get a new bike shortly after. It was a Ninja 250R and that was a first bike I actually named… I will tell you about it in part 7