How I become a rider? Part 3 ? First crash

motorcycle_air_bagI learn fast… So shortly I gained confidence on my little Honda… And as I’m a moron… not surprisingly I had to learn the hard way that overconfidence is one of the main reasons for new riders’ accidents…

It was just another day…

it always is. There is nothing that will warn you, no indication of the danger. On a motorbike you control a lot of things and adjust the level of risk you take… When you see the danger – it may already be too late… Before I started riding I spoke to one of my biker friends… He told me that dropping a bike is pretty much unavoidable. That if you ride a bike it will happen to you. Sooner or later you will go down – it is just a matter of time. As every new rider I thought I can avoid it. I was wrong.

I overestimated my skills and my bike’s capabilities

I was riding along slow moving traffic… There was another biker behind me. He was on a “big bike”. I felt I need to be quick. That I needed to earn his respect by riding so he does not need to slow down for me… If you are a new rider it is likely you will feel pressured – when you do – just let people pass. Do not try to keep up with all bikes on the road. I was stupid… I thought I can show off a bit to the biker behind me. I saw a gap and decided that it will be faster to undertake the column of cars. I was not going very fast but too fast anyway. When I saw a car turning into side street I started breaking. I almost managed to avoid the car. Maybe if cg125 was not equipped in drum brakes…  anyway… I hit the side of the car. My bike went a bit up… I went over the bars and hit the car with my shoulder. then I saw the sky and realized I’m on the ground.

 “my insurance will go up”…

…that was my first thought. Funny, huh? Not if I’m ok… I was more worried about the bike and my insurance rate… I knew it was my fault. I didn’t argue. I apologized to the driver. I felt like a total moron. I exchanged the details. A friendly biker stopped when he saw what happened. He moved my bike off the road… The front was F…emmm… not straight… I couldn’t ride it for sure.

Friendly biker offered me a ride

He said he can give me a lift home. And he did. I was shaken up. No big injuries but bruised up. I got on his bike and got home as a pillion.  I guess in Mortal Combat game I’d hear a famous “HUMILIATION” commentary 😉 I remember the biker asked me if I feel any pain. I said “no”… He said – “you’ll feel it tomorrow”… he was right… He said he went down couple of times himself. He also said to get back on the bike ASAP. If you do not get back on the bike soon enough you may develop a fear that will be very hard to overcome.

I needed my bike back

So started calling for a “man and a van” who could get my bike back. I got someone for the next day and managed to transport the bike for ?30.  The repair did not look cheap though… Local shop quoted 3-4 hundred pounds with a lot of “if’s”.  Front fork itself was estimated to 2 hundred… At the time I could not afford that sort of expense on my bike. I went on ebay and bought the forks for much better price. Then I fitted them myself… That was a first time I have done anything that big on a bike… but I succeeded…  I was back on the road… and I was a smarter rider since… (well until the next stupid thing I did….)

If the biker that helped me back then ever reads this post – Thanks again mate, your help meant a lot to me.

Part 4 will be published soon