Afterthoughts on Biker vs Bus and the rest of the world vid

londonstandoffSo… I posted the video of an unusual and surreal situation recently… I have never seen so many people engaged in the road rage… The video has many comments but it seems that almost all of them focus on technicalities or legalities of who was doing what… I want to bring another aspect to the table…

Watch the video:

In this vid you can see me taking a side of the biker initially.  I do believe the biker should have let it go after the first change of lights but I think I do know why he refused to move and why this has escalated so much.

Speaking from my own experience I can say that some bus drivers like some car drivers dislike bikers (bet you did not know that ;)). I have seen and experienced some bus drivers having bad will towards me. One of the things they seem to dislike is bikers stopped at the front of the queue – either in ASL or next to the first car. I get it. It makes their job a bit more difficult. London roads are narrow and they need to turn with more care to avoid us. Doing this all day may be frustrating.

On the other hand sometimes we end up n the ASLs or even further due to the way traffic flows. Also if you follow the ALS rules you will be stopped next to the car that is stopped in front of the ASL. We do not intentionally try to make bus drivers jobs harder… Anyway… I have experienced attempts of bullying from bus drivers in similar situations. Sometimes it is subtle things when they go just a bit too fast or a bit to close unnecessarily… Sometimes it is bit more aggressive driving or honking. Sometimes it is an evil stare or an insult from a window as they pass me.

Coming back to the video. You can see how biker makes space for the first bus and how the bus clears the corner without issues. I admit that as someone points out he curbs his rear wheel AND that  single deckers (second bus) apparently have wider turn circle (I have to take the commenter’s opinion on this as I simply have no idea). However, the second bus is nowhere near the curb with his rear wheels. In fact at some point a scooter goes past him without any issues. There is plenty of space there. So.. did this driver just mess up his turn? Or did he do that on purpose? I dare to say he did this on purpose. If you look closely on his behavior in the bus (especially in the beginning – I know it may be hard to see) he seems to be ordering the biker to move and moving his hand like he wants to scare a dog away. I think that is where the problem started. I also think that bus driver wanted the confrontation and wanted it to escalate. I believe he still could make a turn (it definitely looked like it)… and even if he didn’t if he just asked the biker instead of trying to boss him around I’m sure the biker would have given him more space.

I believe that is the problem with many drivers and you see that also often in the comment section of my videos. People get to hang up on who was right and who was wrong, or who did something illegal or who had a right of way… but in the end of the day we all try to get somewhere. We are all humans in our cars, buses, on bikes or bicycles… And if one human being is disrespecting another one that is what leads to road rage. It leads to people becoming stubborn and making a stance. Who knows what I would have done if a big bus went out of his way on purpose and then waved me away like if I was a piece of trash. Maybe it would be me making a stand. I still do not believe I would have stayed that long BTW. But I think the biker is NOT entirely to blame. And the passive-aggressive bus driver should really think about what he has done there because he is either not a skilled bus-driver or an asshole.  My point is proven by the fact that when biker finally moves out of his way instead of leaving he stays at the scene.

…but that is only my humble opinion as a witness of this incident. You may have a different one and you can share it in the comment section of this post or on the video itself.