10 reasons to ride a Motorbike

1. it is fun,bhuy10

Seriously that is the biggest reason why you should get one.
It is hard to describe what motorcycling does to you. But it puts a smile on your face.
When you ride one you feel a bit like flying, you become one with the motorbike, you focus, you leave your worries behind, you become happy. It reminds me times when as a kid I run down the hill or went sledging in winter. It is just Fun.



Ability to flow through traffic when all cars are stuck is a great feeling. Not in a mean way that everyone is stuck and waste their time – but in a way where you see how much time you are saving.
Ability to filter will minimize your travel times and will make your journey duration more predictable.

3. you can wear cool gear


Motorcycle gear is cool. You basically can turn into a super hero every time you go for a ride. It costs but it is a big part of the motorbike magic – Enjoy it 🙂

4. Parking

Finding a parking space for a car in a big city can be a challenge, and most of the time it will be a paid option. If you ride a motorbike it is just so much easier to find a parking spot also most of the time you can find a free parking spot. And even if you park on a paid parking the fee for a motorbike is likely to be just a small fraction of a car fee. Also Some cities like London actually have dedicated motorcycle spaces for free parking to encourage motor biking (because it lightens congestion)

5. No congestion charge (at least in London)


Some cities that introduced Congestion Charges Like London – recognize that use of Motorbikes is good way of releasing traffic so they do not need to pay fees to go through city centres.

6. Maintenance


Some people do maintenance on their cars themselves. It is even easier on a motorbike. Motorbikes are less complicated and usually with easy access to relevant parts so without any great mechanical skills you should be able to do it yourself. This will obviously save you money, time and make you self sufficient
but it will also let you know the bike better, understand how it works, spot issues and encourage you to learn more about it.

7. School of life


This may be particularly useful for younger people. Getting through adversities and elements on a motorbike will harden you up and will improve your morale. Motor bikers have an opinion of being tough for a reason.

8. Exploration


Having a motorbike will make you to want to explore your surroundings. Even if you commute you will find that on some days you will start wondering – what is down that road? and just turn there and see if you can get home using the new route. Motorbike will introduce this need to just go out and go somewhere. It is no longer about the destination it is about the journey.

9. People


You will meet great people, simple as that. Motor biking seems to draw a lot of like-minded people who create this one big family. As a new biker you will be surprised that other bikers will talk or selflessly try to help you out when you get in trouble. This brings me to final point…

10. Conversations

Motorbikes are a great conversation starter and a great topic too. Anywhere you go with your helmet there might be another biker or bike enthusiast who will ask you what you ride. They will tell what they ride, used to ride or how they want to get a license.
I sometimes think about a motorbike as a non-smoker alternative to smoking – if you do not smoke you know what I mean – you look at the smokers as they fraternize and create an outside of work bonds – This is similar
I’d even say motor biking will create stronger bonds 🙂 Many people you never spoke to will suddenly be your pals – sometimes even your boss can turn out to be a motorbike rider.


The order of the above is in no way intentional – it is just the way they popped in my head. Certain ones can be more important to you and maybe there are more that I have not included in this list. Let me know in comments what is important to you. If you do not ride – let me know which point sells it best for you.

Ride Safe.

Watch the video too if you want 😉