10 reasons not to ride a motorbike


1. Danger
This one is pretty obvious. You are sitting on a heavy chunk of metal capable of accelerating like a sports car and comparably without protection you try to avoid much bigger chunks of metal from crushing you.  Falling on a motorbike is easy, and it hurts.  You may get hurt really bad,  you may even die.
Saying that? many people get hurt and die  after they slip in their bathrooms.  You can die every day of your life.  You cannot avoid all the possible risks  and trying to do so will mean the end of your life
– even if your pulse keeps going.

It is all about taking risks responsibly. You can choose to buy a bike and be an idiot, or you can learn to respect the power, the road and others.  You can stay focused, careful and think forward.

Of course this is no guarantee you will not have an accident.
You have to accept it. Motorbike is not for everyone.
2. Pain and discomfort
Riding a bike may not be as comfortable as you may think.
Sometimes you will get wet. At higher speeds you will be fighting with the wind. There is no aircon ? so you will get hot at slow speeds
and in winter you will get very cold too. (especially your fingertips).

Good gear (for the weather) will help ? but not completely. Be ready to suck it up.
3. Things will go into your eyes
housefly-155460_1280 (1)Whether you like it or not sometimes things will go into your eyes ?
flies, dirt and all things that you are protected from in a car will be waiting to hit your eyes.  And your visor will not be always closed ?
you will open it slightly in summer as it helps to cool down and in winter to prevent fogging. And that tiny opening is all that is needed.
4. Haters – some people just hate bikers.
They do not care if you ride responsibly ?they will just automatically classify you as an enemy. Some of them are just ignorant of what is legal and safe, some of them are just jealous, some of them are just stupid. Fuck them. Expect them on the road.

car-155789_1280They are the ones that will do things like closing gaps when filtering,
moving in lane to prevent you from squeezing through, or will dangerously try to prevent you from overtaking. Record those and report.
5. Annoying comments 
You will get fed up with friends and family telling you how dangerous motorbikes are. Everyone has a bloody story how the friend of their friend was very badly hurt and is a vegetable now
or that they died horribly.
Expect this.
I always respond with my reasoning from #1
6. Gear

Man you will have a lot of gear?  you may think that I?m talking crap but over time you will be running out of storage places. Initially everyone buys a helmet,  All year boots,  All year jacket,  All year trousers  and All year gloves.  After a while you get additional rain suit  ? that usually proves crap so you get another more expensive one.  Then you get thick gloves  after freezing hands in Winter.
Then you get another Jacket and trousers for the summer, and boots.

motorcyclist-438088_1920You start to understand  that for each temperature range it is best to have right gear?  Apart from the space in your closet
– the gear needs to be put on?  it takes time,  then often you need to walk in it  to and from the bike?

If you commute ?  you will be changing into the right outfit in company toilets? You also have to figure out  how to transport your other outfit?

7. Cost
old-166724_1920When thinking about motorcycling  you immediately think ? what bike can I afford ?  you shop around and max your budget just to realize after the purchase  that you need all the gear?
(and we already discussed  that it will only keep on piling up). Forums are full of new riders asking  (I had those questions on my FB page too)  asking about what should they buy  choice is between e.g. gloves or boots  because they cannot afford to get both.  The truth is you bloody need both.  Good motorcycle gear is expensive but worth it.  Calculate your budget to buy a full set.
8. Stereotypes
And again we come to the problem of the opinions of others –
They will stereotype and you need to be able to cope with it
and maybe even have fun with it;)  – some people will categorize you
as crazy  or as a gang member.  Worry not, just laugh.
9. Stink
dog-838242_1920yep?  if you get bad gear  or not right for the weather  your gear can become smelly quickly. For some people  it is a bigger problem  it is not as bad for others.  It depends if you have right gear,  if you have tendencies to sweat  and? how often you get your showers 😉
10. Limited carrying capabilities
It is a no-brainer  but if you chose a bike over a car
you will feel the pain  whenever you want to transport anything.
Of course you can be inventive  and take some risks  but in general transporting  bulky or heavy stuff on MC  is a bad idea.
Mate with a car is a good option then.